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So I finished my first 30 day challenge which was tech photos I’m not a photographer by any means but it was cool to see about how I looked at various examples of technology in my life. It really is all around us all the time and for better or worse it is here to stay. I do appreciate technology even if it does annoy me a lot of the time. It makes me wonder why I choose to work in a tech field repairing it all day.

It was a fun experience although sometimes a bit of a pain to force myself to do it. I hear so often about people doing these to try and jump start weight loss or life goals but for me it was much more about can I just do it and can I learn something new from it.

I will now seek out future 30 day challenges. Probably something involving cleaning the garage.
Any suggestions?

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The welcome back from vacation photo.



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Now that’s some fun tech.


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So this is my WTF tech?


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